22 stations (Tbilisi metro)

How one can get an understanding of the city if it is the first visit? How one can feel the place without touristic filters? 

Visual artist Natalia Drachinskaya has her know-how. She sees the city as an alive body and transport network as its blood circulatory system. Five days Natalia was travelling along Tbilisi metro, visiting each of 22 stations. She went up to see and to feel the atmosphere of each place. Each station has its own people, scents, sounds, colours, its own rhythm and its own street dog. 

That is the way Tbilisi showed itself. 

This project was done during the Magnum Photos/ Tbilisi Multimedia Museum Workshop by Thomas Dworzak 2019 and was demonstrated during the Tbilisi Night of Photography 2019. 

22 stations (Tbilisi). Natalia Drachinskaya
22 stations (Tbilisi). Natalia Drachinskaya