Meta Oracle

Interactive performance conducted during the art festival “TozhdestvO

Idea: Natalia Drachisnskaya and Eugenia Sterlyagova (art-group “Disoriented onthology”)

Performer: Natalia Drachinskaya 

Duration: 6 hours

Forecasts made: 46

The president Putin’s New Year’s speech is an encrypted message about the coming 2022 year. It contains all the information about the real future, only we do not have access to it. We do not know the key to the cipher. 

Artists Natalya Drachinskaya and Evgenia Sterlyagova propose the method of dada poetry as a key: speech decomposition (cutting it into separate words) and random reassembly (composing random phrases). 

Any guest could randomly get 3-5 words from the bag and put a phrase out of them. Artificial intelligence (visual neural network) chose an image for this phrase. The performer collected everything into a single collage — a personal forecast of the real future.

Some collage forecasts 

Meta Oracle. Nata Drachinskaya