Nice to meet you

The urban area is a space of all-seeing power, constant control. People in the city act automatically, every move is predetermined. Man is alienated from his life, which is now a performance. Each of us is flattening and splitting into many identities that do not add up to a single whole.

The game can change this order. Wandering around the city, following the impulses of the territory — this is how Guy Debord came up with the drift. To understand the landscape, you have to get lost properly.

The home area is hidden by the illusion of “well-known space”. My method is a senseless drifting: a path not from point to point, but a process of taking steps.

Walking around the area I live in has become a game of explorer and collector for me. “The act of walking is for the urban system what a speech act is for language or statements made, ” wrote Michel de Certeau. My statement represents an attempt to collect at least part of my own identities together, to mark the space around me.

Nice to meet you. Nata Drachinskaya

Considering the city as a territory of contacts, I have repeatedly felt the look of things on myself. It was so strong that I began to collect the objects I found. And watch things go from functional to non-functional. My role also flickers from subject to object and back again and again.

Why? The answer to this question is given by Jean Baudrillard: “A person always collects himself.”

Nice to meet you. Nata Drachinskaya

Installation “Nice to meet you” as a part of the exhibition “(in)VISIBLE CITIES” at Nagornaya Gallery, 2021