The Textures series was made by me in 2020. Self-isolation with my family in a small Moscow apartment seemed unbearable at times. In the spring of 2020, I spent most of my time in the kitchen. The kitchen has become for me a workshop space, an auditorium at the institute, a photo studio, a place for school lessons with children and many other places. Then tactile interaction with everyday life became important for me.

Concrete, gypsum, 2020

Textures No1 (foil) 30×40×5 cm

Textures. No2 (waffle towel) 40X40X4 cm

Textures. No3 (farfalle)  30×30×5 cm 

Textures. No4 (foil-2) 30×20×6 cm 

Textures. Nata Drachinskaya